Our Story

Our mission is to produce high
quality, outrageously delicious

Happy Guts Make Happy Humans

I was "allergic" to everything

Before Kristin found Kombucha she was tired, bloated and “allergic to everything” and the docs wanted to prescribe her pills to “heal”. Stuck in her ways and an avid DIY’er, she took it upon herself to heal thyself. Kombucha was the catalyst—the one thing that made the most impact. She’s learned a ton about the gut-brain connection and why healing thy gut is the best thing one can do.

They were using too much sugar!

Most other brands relied on excess sugar to flavour their kombucha. So Kristin was busy at home experimenting. The formula was to use the natural flavour from teas & botanicals instead of adding sugar.

And Hoochy 'Booch was born!

When we set out to make Hoochy ‘Booch we wanted our ‘booch to be wildly delicious, fun & humble! With names like Bellini & Blue Valentine, we’re full of fun & sass and health too of course! Brewed locally in the heart of Vancouver BC, it is our passion to produce high quality, outrageously delicious Kombucha that you feel good about loving.

Kombucha with a Lil Sass

Try our wildly delicious kombucha in cans with no fruit juice, no added sugar, no preservatives, and no concentrates.