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“Simplifying nutrition, balancing the good stuff with the fun stuff!.”

Take a sip of Hoochy ‘Booch Kombucha and you’ll feel lighter. Energized. Kismet!

Dedicated to quality, flip the bottle around and you’ll see ingredients you recognize, love
& trust! With NO fruit juice or concentrates, ALL of our flavours come from a diverse
range of organic teas, herbs & botanicals.

So sit back. We got you.

We’re here to help ease your day by simplifying nutrition balancing the good stuff with
the fun stuff!


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On tap

Visit our on-tap locations for our newest and most loved flavours. Fill up your reusable Hoochy ‘Booch growler, or bring your own clean bottle from home!

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Grab–Go bottles

Need a quick Hoochy ‘Booch fix? We stock a variety of flavours in convenient 375mL bottles across Vancouver, BC!

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Kombucha starter kit

Ready to brew your own ‘booch? Pick up our starter kit which includes organic ingredients, a made-with-love SCOBY, and a 21-day follow-up program!

“Hands down, the best ‘booch I’ve had. Amazing flavours wonderfully fizzy and the friendliest faces making this local goodness. Love it!”

– Elena Ballam, Graphic Designer

“Hoochy ‘Booch is truly ‘the crème de la crème” of Kombucha in Vancouver and beyond. I am a Kombucha fanatic and try every available option. I have found nothing else that compares to Hoochy ‘Booch.”

– Julie Beyer, Glow Chocolates

“I drink Kombucha everyday, so I was so excited when I found Hoochy ‘Booch – which is the real deal. Everything else pales in comparison in every aspect – taste, quality and impact on my overall health & energy. Bellini is my fav :D”

– Sarah Edmondson, Actress

“Met this couple in the pouring rain, but they made it feel sunny outside with their great warm personalities! Tried their product and I was sold, 3 growlers please! Pink Grapefruit, Blue Valentine & Lady Grey all shockingly delicious without a doubt. Try this product, you won’t be disappointed!”

– Beryl Faubert

“I hate Kombucha but I LooooooVE this stuff !!!”

– Chris Topher

“I absolutely loved learning about the art of brewing kombucha! Attending the work shop was not only informative, but so much fun with Kristin’s delightful energy. After the work shop we took our batches home to finish the process and the end result was wonderful. Kristin set us up with the tools we needed to continue brewing on our own in the future too! I would highly recommend this experience to anyone. Thanks for sharing your knowledge Hoochy Booch!”

– Alicia Putinski, Body Confidence Coach

“I officially am a Calgary square and was very nervous to try this “booch”. With the first sip I was hooked… Then I was told all the positive aspects of gut health and other benefits booch can offer. Knowing the Brewers of the hooch take lots love, time and skill to brew this beautiful bevy for our enjoyment makes me a happy boocher!!”

– Alexander Bradley, Remax Realtor

“I am in heaven right now sipping on your Hoochy Booch Bellini, your flavor is dancing off my tongue and transported to Venice, what a TREAT!”

– Dominica Bay, PureVibe Fitness

“Recently purchased a growler of Hawaiian and I absolutely love it! Next flavor on my list, Lady Grey”

– Jenny Sidhoo, KPMG

“What I love most about Hoochy ‘Booch Kombucha is the level of intentionality and integrity that goes into the product. Not only is it a product that feels really good in my body (because lets be honest some Kombucha’s have a ton of sugar in them and don’t actually feel good in my body) HBK has a whole different impact on my body.. it makes my gut actually happy!”

– Kelsey Grant, Radical Self Love Coach

“Before Hoochy ‘Booch I didn’t know what Kombucha was. Now I think it is an awesome drink, I love the balance & formula of Hoochy ‘Booch. I don’t drink and neither does my girlfriend so when we get something to drink we buy Hoochy ‘Booch. We think of it as the champagne of Kombucha’s! We have tried so many brands across Canada & the USA and we always go back to Hoochy ‘Booch. It is seriously the best! It’s the perfect balance of sweetness, bubbles, deliciousness and MAGIC!”

– Juno Parlange, Marketing Strategist & Producer

“Their Kombucha is AMAZING! I’ve sampled at least 20-30 different brands and 100’s of flavours and Hoochy ‘Booch is by far the most authentic, delicious, flavourful & unique out of any I have ever tasted. When you drink Hoochy ‘Booch you can definitely tell there is something very genuine about it. It’s light years away from anything you can get off the shelf”

– Chad Weir, Project Manager

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