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Hoochy 'Booch Kristin & Liam

Hi, we are Hoochy 'Booch!

We believe healthy guts make happy humans! Why? Because we’re living proof! Before Kristin (on the left) found Kombucha she was tired, bloated and “allergic to everything” and the docs wanted to prescribe her pills to “heal”. Stuck in her ways and an avid DIY’er, she took it upon herself to heal thyself. Kombucha was the catalyst—the one thing that made the most impact. She’s learned a ton about the gut-brain connection and why healing thy gut is the best thing one can do.

We are excited to introduce the next leg of our journey! Our NEW craft Kombucha (in cans) will be available for purchase near the end of April 2022! In the meantime you can find our 'Booch at your local restaurant or grocery store!

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