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On tap

Visit our on-tap locations for our newest and most loved flavours. Fill up your reusable Hoochy ‘Booch growler, or bring your own clean bottle from home!

Grab–Go bottles

Need a quick Hoochy ‘Booch fix? We stock a variety of flavours in convenient 375mL bottles across Vancouver, BC!

Kombucha starter kit

Ready to brew your own ‘booch? Pick up our starter kit which includes organic ingredients, a made-with-love SCOBY, and a 21-day follow-up program!

How We Flavour

We’ve enhanced Kombucha by adding a modern twist, infusing a diverse range of organic teas & herbs to our Kombucha to create our distinct flavour profiles.

No fruit juice, juice concentrates or sugar is added or needed.

This cleverly integrates health & fun while maintaining outstanding taste & keeping the sugar content low.

We proudly ask questions about the ingredients in our tea blends. All of the natural flavours are in fact natural, vegan, dairy-free & are created ethically.

Expect balanced, unique, mood-boosting profiles.

Kombucha that enhances tea culture without being pretentious or boring.

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