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Visit our on-tap locations for our newest and most loved flavours. Fill up your reusable Hoochy ‘Booch growler, or bring your own clean bottle from home!

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Need a quick Hoochy ‘Booch fix? We stock a variety of flavours in convenient 375mL bottles across Vancouver, BC!

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Ready to brew your own ‘booch? Pick up our starter kit which includes organic ingredients, a made-with-love SCOBY, and a 21-day follow-up program!

How We Flavour

We’ve enhanced Kombucha by adding a modern twist, infusing a diverse range of organic teas & herbs to our Kombucha to create our distinct flavour profiles.

No fruit juice, juice concentrates or sugar is added or needed.

This cleverly integrates health & fun while maintaining outstanding taste & keeping the sugar content low.

We proudly ask questions about the ingredients in our tea blends. All of the natural flavours are in fact natural, vegan, dairy-free & are created ethically.

Expect balanced, unique, mood-boosting profiles.

Kombucha that enhances tea culture without being pretentious or boring.

The Lineup


peach orange apricot

Our very first ‘booch and what we’ve coined our “gateway booch” for it’s easy drinking profile. It’s bright & perfectly tart with fruity overtones of peaches & orange. Bellini continues to be a crowd favourite at parties & events.

Cocktail Creation: Mimbucha 1⁄4 glass champagne
top with Bellini Kombucha
garnish with frozen raspberries or a peach slice


earl grey lavender vanilla

What we call our “dessert booch” Lady Grey offers a new experience of richness that is unlike any Kombucha you’ve tried before. An infusion of bergamot overtones, subtle lavender, and a creamy smooth vanilla finish has you wondering where it’s been all your life.

Delightful Dessert: Grab a scoop of vanilla ice cream (vegan or dairy) and top with Lady Grey for a Kombucha float!


hibiscus ginger rosehip

This pretty in pink ‘booch is easily a crowd pleaser and a perfect intro for those trying Kombucha for the first time. A lively & refreshing blend of fruit & hibiscus flowers rounded by a splash of subtle ginger.

Cocktail Creation: Twisted Mule
1oz Vodka or Gin
Slice of fresh ginger or candied ginger 6oz Hibiscus Ginger


citrus grapefruit

Tart & crisp, a refreshing & zippy Kombucha that has you feeling refreshed! A mouth- watering combination of tangy grapefruit & bubbles has you dancing on table tops. Well, not quite, but picture sipping this anytime of day to for an instant lift.

Cocktail Creation: Pink Spritz
1oz Vodka or Gin
1oz Aperol
6oz of Pink Grapefruit Kombucha


turmeric ginger black pepper

The more “medicinal” of the bunch, this ‘booch is packed with ultra-healing, anti-
inflammatory ingredients & benefits. Prominent turmeric and subtle ginger, gently rounded
with lemon verbena & black pepper notes, this ‘booch isn’t for the faint of heart.

Cocktail Creation:
Coming soon…


ginger black tea

Your classic ginger we all fall instantly in love with cuz it just feels so dang good in our bellies!
An invigorating ginger kick (that won’t burn your face off) and energizing black tea will
leave you feeling revitalized and ready to take on the day!

Cocktail Creation: West Coast Mule
1oz fireball
1oz vodka
6oz Revitalize Kombucha


pineapple & other tropical fruits

Forget the airline tickets, one sip of the Hawaiian and no matter the season, will have you
whisked away to that tropical island paradise. Enlivening tropical fruit infusions (no added
fruit juice remember) leaves you feeling totally refreshed and beach ready!

Cocktail Creation: Bucha Colada
Freeze coconut milk into ice cubes ahead of time
Blend into a slush using Malibu rum or coconut water
Add slushy mylk to a tall glass and top with the Hawaiian Kombucha


white tea lavender mint

Huney, time to radiate & shine, this Beauty is just for you. Delicate lavender leaves you
feeling calm while the refreshing mint has you feeling rejuvenated from the inside out. A
delightful and easy drinking ‘booch for any time of day.

Cocktail Creation:
Coming soon…


blueberry rosehip hibiscus

Inspired by supportive girl-empowerment group SOLEgirls, this brew is fully expressed in all the
right ways. Hints of blueberry & currant dance on your tongue, while the soft pink hues of
hibiscus flowers & rosehips totally delight your mood. A magical flavour that everyone loves.

Cocktail Creation:
Coming soon …


cranberry lemon verbena citrus

Pucker up baby. This tart & tangy ‘booch is ready to tantalize your taste buds. We’ve created the perfect blend of cranberry and ‘booch to make this one an ultra-refreshing delight. A soothing backdrop of lemon verbena and citrus adds a zesty twist to really seal the deal.

Cocktail Creation: Bucha Sangria
1⁄2 bottle of rosé
1⁄2 lime, juiced
4 oz Campari
Fresh fruit like chopped oranges, strawberries, raspberries 2L cran-baby booch
Add into a pitcher


moody ‘booches to suit the season

Just as the seasons change, as do we. Inspired by the ebbs & flows we’ve created our Seasonal Brews to match the pace of each. These blends offer a varying degree of mood, herbs & rejuvenation to delight your palette poetically. It’s like we had you in mind when we created these ;P , but don’t get too attached .. these ‘booches won’t last forever.

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